How to Release & Purify! Day 4 of the Wildly, Luscious Soulful Living Challenge.

Here we are…day 4 of the 30 Day Challenge.  walk

Today I awoke from some pretty vivid dreams of water, of pipes bursting, of throwing out old things stored in the flooded garage.  It feels that way today, a cleansing and cleaning up of the old energy, in preparation for this weekend’s full moon and lunar eclipse.  I feel in need of a purification.

So today we purify!!!  There are 2 options.  I actually did them both, I need that much purification tee-hee.  There is something I am working on releasing, letting go of… shifting.  How about you?  Is it a thought, an old belief or pattern?  Is it a vice or a need to cleanse the system of something we’ve been over-using or indulging in a bit too much?

Purification Ritual #1

A Cleansing Bath – Drop in some Epsom Salts and Essential Oils.  Any kind works.  I used cedar oil today.  It was lovely.

How often do you take a bath?  Me, almost never.  This was a task I really needed to commit to this morning.  But once I was in there and allowed myself to sit and soak, sweat and release.  It felt amazing, luscious, nourishing to mind, body and soul.  I visualized releasing my stuff in the water and allowing my mind and soul to release out the energy that needed to be cleansed.  It felt like a detox, a reboot of the system, a symbol re-birthing and replenishing.  Give it a whirl, you’ll love it!

Purification #2

Take a walk in the woods or in a park.  And as you walk shake off the old stagnant energy.  Literally shake your hands and your feet, wiggle your whole body if you can.  Have you ever seen that Friends episode where Phoebe goes a job but runs like a wild and free kid.  It’s kinda like that.  Walk or run and release.  Shake that shit out.  You will actually feel a ton of energy coming out of your hands, you may even feel like you are vibrating.  This is a good thing, the energy is moving.  I had a pair of mitts on and had to take them off the energy was so intense.  I was reverberating.  So be silly, wild, free and release that shtuff!

Happy, healthy cleansing folks!

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3 Comments on “How to Release & Purify! Day 4 of the Wildly, Luscious Soulful Living Challenge.

  1. I love your posts and processes and gifts of energy through your words. Whenever I access there are heart felt and inspiring messages that are simple and powerful ways to engage and grow our beautiful beings. Thank you, Thanks be to all, Marilyn

    • Thank you so much Marilyn Jane I’m deeply humbled and honoured. I’m so glad you connect with my processes and inner experiences because I simply take a risk and share the internal tapestry within 😉 . Blessings blessings and more blessings 🙂

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