Wildly, Luscious, Soulful Living Day 1 – Be a Bad-Ass Goddess in the Kitchen.

goddess in the kitchenDay 1 – Let’s start right now!  It’s day 1 of our  30 Day Wildly, Luscious, Soulful Living Challenge (find it here.)

Friday….oh how love Fridays.  It’s pizza night if our house. I make homemade pizza each every Friday…yum!

On this lovely Friday, I invite you to start gently, dip your toe into the Sacred Wild vessel.   Put on some tunes while you cook tonight.  But it’s not just any ordinary night, it’s your WILD cooking tonight!

As you begin to form an elixir of magical and nutritional elements for your family or even in compiling the takeout onto lovely serving platters, take in some deep breaths.  Breathe in the magic.  Begin to imagine yourself at your wild, primal, tribal roots.  Your fierce, your colorful, your flowing, your loose.  Now begin to create a beautiful meal or serve a beautiful dish as this self.  Imagine cooking was a prayer, an expression, an art form.  You are a shaman, blending all the energies and elements into life force energy (aka food) for your tribe.

Crank those tunes, dance, stir, mix, pound the dough invoking your wild magic into the room and in the air.  Get into it.  Pour yourself a glass of sparkling water or vino or juice or a Coca-Cola.  Just enjoy the sacred moment of art alchemy in the kitchen.  Allow yourself to tap into that wild, feminine goddess energy and create abundance on a plate.  You are a portal, a beacon of light, transforming elements into food, energy and sustenance.  That’s bad-ass!

Act as though each action were a prayer.  Each addition of ingredient were a healing herb in your soul food.

This is the act of intention, of focus, of visualization.  You are bringing the magic, the wild, the fun into everyday living, everyday tasks, every day routines as though they were fun pieces of the grand puzzle.  Might as well bring some sparkle to it all.

So here we go, beginning our Wildly, Luscious Soulful Living plan tonight, in our homes, in our kitchens while connecting to our wild, tribal, bad-ass self.  Start bringing the Sacred into everyday life, through intention.

Write Out Your Wild- Writing Explorations…

-What was it like to hold the invite in the Sacred and Your Wild into your everyday life?  What was different about it?

-What elements really helped you connect to the Divine in your own everyday space? Was it a thought, a vision, an action?

-How did you feel during the process and after?

Please share your experiences on the Feed Your Feminine Soul FB Group Page. Let’s build our community of wild, feminine, tribal souls finding our way home to our primal, instinctual, soulful roots!  Or comment about it on The Women’s Tribe Facebook Page.


Enjoy your wild!



2 Comments on “Wildly, Luscious, Soulful Living Day 1 – Be a Bad-Ass Goddess in the Kitchen.

  1. HA! I cooked fish tonight & stir fried veggies & felt like a goddess because it was so good & my family loved it! Cheers!

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