How to Keep Afloat during this Final Moon Cycle of Winter…

almost drowningAt the height of the full moon, emotions come to the surface for release.  They peak at full capacity and bust open the gates of the damn.  I’m there, the gates are open, I feel like I’m been thrashed around in the dark, muddy water.   From having a leaking roof, to having to deal with legal matters, to struggling with communication in my relationship, the forces of change and resolution have found me.  They are swirling me around, spinning me so the guck can come out and fly off of me once and for all.

From the full moon to the new moon, we sort our stuff out.  What if we don’t resist and just keep following the thrashing waters?  I know that a new moon, solar eclipse and spring equinox are on its way in the next week and half.  There is lots of change coming, and the change, the dissolution, the struggle before the change is happening now.  The gears are already starting to shift and even though its in the tough point, at least for me, let it not de-rail us. It’s like the moment just before birth, it’s painful, wretched and we want out.  That is where we are.  There is stuff to sort out once and for all so we can move to rebirth easily, gently, free from the tethers of the past.  A brand new beginning is on it’s way, so we are wrapping up and pruning the old, lingering branches.  In fact, they are breaking off forcefully.  We may be wondering, what is happening, why is all this occurring, that my friend’s is what’s happenin’.

Let the buckets of emotional wisdom flowing towards you take you down stream into their depths where you will learn and face your inner truth.  It’s gut wrenching and revolutionary.  It’s a magical whirlwind felt underwater that will bring you to the cracks in your soul.  The place we so often don’t want to look.  The place where the divine meets the physical, the raw, gritty, place of truth that we feel whether we want to or not.  Here is the place of the gods and goddesses, the place where magic can bubble out if we allow the wound to open and release in order for it to heal.  There is a message there, information for you on your journey home to soul expression in the world.

Sit with me in the muck, the darkness…the womb and absorb and release what is trying to come out.  Prepare before spring’s rebirth and new beginnings that lie just ahead.  We are about to pop through the soil with our luscious stem holding the germinating bud of beauty.

I pulled a card for this time between the moons.  The Patience or Temperance card emerged.  It’s teachings are about balancing both the physical and spiritual and how we need to honor both aspects of the Self.  Sometimes I get so caught up in the spiritual realm, I forget that the physical is equally important or equally enjoyable, not to mention equally necessary. We must do things in order to bring about the change or dream ahead.  Action must be balanced with envisioning.  We need patience too, because we can not force or rush the action or creation.  Things are slower paced sometimes in the physical, it’s a process, a pathway, one step at a time.  Slow down, take the gentle road, don’t rush, force or spin our wheels in frantic chaos to the new cycle and changes ahead.  Can you move with the changes gently, naturally or do we force it, get overwhelmed, spin into chaos?  How do you approach change? (explore this in your journal)

There’s a need for patience, balance and to listen to all points of view.  Forcing things won’t work, pushing too hard or even pulling too little.  We need to find the ebb and flow, resist over-indulgence, find moderation and equilibrium.

Keep flowing and cleansing that shtuff(intended typo) out !!



6 Comments on “How to Keep Afloat during this Final Moon Cycle of Winter…

  1. I thought I was the only one acting restless and feeling drowned. Thank you for your inspiring words. They are helping me out of this phunnk!

  2. Your sentence, “There is a message there, information for you on your journey home to soul expression in the world.” leapt off the page for me. I love the idea of soul expression in my world. Thank-you for your inspiring words! Sincerely, Mary

  3. So glad for you Mary!!! Thanks for sharing. Isn’t it really what we want is to shine our bright souls out in this lifetime?? It’s a fun process 😉

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