February New Moon Ritual – What’s in Your Medicine Bowl?

bowlsHello Sunshine! What a wonderful, cold, crisp, morning here in the middle of Canada.  Ahhh….the new moon.   Welcome!

Did you feel the dark moon energies last night?  I feel a pull to share quickly about the dark moon, the nights just before the new moon when the moon is at it’s darkest.   Try and become aware of the moon cycle and notice that the three days preceding it.  You may notice a need for a slower pace, we are likely lower energy, more reflective, a desire to move more inward, in the dark caves within where dreams, inspiration and new seeds of ideas are calling to be seen and heard.  If we don’t take some still moments witnessing the inner dreams or journaling about them we will tend to feel restless, agitated, even annoyed with our family members and ourselves.  Answer the call withing.  It is a time to take some stillness and go inward, light a candle and journal even if it’s just five minutes.  I didn’t create space or time to do so and my poor hubby got the sharp edges of my agitation as a result. Oopsy! I desired to go inward and I did not make the space for it….so learn from my mistakes and join me in the dark moon energies each month, plan for it and unite with Grandmother Moon and her cycles.  We feel best in union with these energies, it is in our ancestral blood.

Back to the New Moon.  This is an interesting New Moon, it emerges in the last degree of Aquarius before moving into Pisces right after the beginning of the New moon.

Cafe Astrology writes, “A New Moon brings a fresh start, but as it occurs so late in the sign of Aquarius, there can be a real sense of urgency to make a quick decision or to end a matter so we can move forward. All New Moons are impulsive, and this one may be especially so.”  (www.cafeastrology.com)

I too sense a real sudden shift, like a quick closing of a door that we were once standing in the threshold of, unsure if we should go back in the doorway or move away from it.  Now we choose, we close the door and run confidently and freely away of what was.  It’s the point of death and birth, the place where the spark of creation emerges.  Like a lightning bolt, death and life occur simultaneously…an ending happens so the new path and new beginning actually takes shape.  It’s powerful and transformative.  It’s swift and sudden, like here we are suddenly emerged in something new.  It’s fresh.

There’s real healing happening here, like we can really begin to see a new life, a new future, a new way of being.  We are heeding the vision, we can see it and feel it.  It’s dancing itself it alive within us.  We are getting real clear on the vision, we can see it in our medicine bowls.  So this is our New Moon Ritual and task at hand this month.

New Moon Ritual:

Light a candle or two and some incense.  Put on some tunes, build the energy of your space to be joyous and sacred…magical.  Take a few deep breaths.  Gather your journal, a pen or pencil and some paper you can draw on.  Get out some markers or crayons.  Imagine your page is a giant medicine bowl, glistening with water.  It wants to show you yourself at your most Divine, your most united with Spirit.  What are you doing?  Who are you with?  What fulfills you and sustains you? What images do you see?  What are you doing while you fulfill your life’s purpose or doing what fills your soul?  Create a giant circle representative of the medicine bowl and just start doodling images or words naturally and let the vision emerge on its own (this is what I do). Simply symbolically represent what you want to be doing this month.  What are you’re goals?  Draw yourself doing it (it need not be pretty, just symbolic) and then write an affirmation with the image… I am leading a spirituality class, I am connecting with a circle of women…etc. etc.

I feel like each day this moon cycle we need to commit to a daily ritual of joy.  What can that be for you?  Dancing comes to mind for me, well music actually, but also meditative dancing, like it were a sacred act, a prayer to the Divine.  This month if you can, each day choose a song you love (or repeat songs) and close your eyes and let your body move with the music. Do it alone so you are not worried about what you look like or invite your kiddos to do the same cause this is pure bliss and fun.  Just start by connecting with your wild, primal nature within, feel it awakening gently.  Can you let her just guide your movements.  It’s an expansion, like a gentle opening of the arms, chest, moving circularly, opening, expanding….releasing the energy within to the outside.  But start slow, like a gentle awakening, perhaps like a butterfly in cocoon, gently awakening for the first week gentle, expansive movements.  Remember, keep your eyes closed and visualize yourself in the cocoon, beginning to awaken, beginning to move your wings, your body, awakening from a deep sleep.  Start there week one and I’ll post more next week.  It’s a movement meditation, feel joyful, alive, connected as you move your soul.

And so it is.  Happy New Moon & Visioning!

medicine bowl

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  1. What a perfect post! I don’t have the write words to tell you how perfectly it fits with so many things I’ve been listening to, thinking, feeling, but I totally connected to every word! Thanks for keeping us connected!

  2. Thank-you for arriving on my reader today. I really needed to see something like this; to reconnect…

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