A Letter to my Voice – Another Round of Writing Wild…

Hi All, Here’s another writing exercise.

I wrote a letter to my voice…asking for forgiveness…and this is what emerged.  So go on…give it a whirl, sing your wild song with me.  Take the pen, set the timer and speak to your lovely voice beside you.  What do you want to tell Her?  And go….Just flow like the wind onto the pages and smile.

My Dearest Sacred Voice,

wild woman fireI’m so sorry hurt you.  I never meant to.  I’m even sorrier that I lost out and paid the price for not uniting and intertwining our energies.  I have kept you at bay, solitary and alone.  I indulged in your presence only with myself, hidden in the woods.  Yet I know you are meant to expand your rays, your fiery arms out into the world and instead I tame you.  I pour buckets of water on you.

“Why?” you ask.  Because, I have been afraid.  Afraid to be alone, rejected….scorned.  I have been afraid to powerhouse your song out into my world for what would happen?  I was silenced years ago, you and I parted ways.  I was scolded, burned, humiliated…annihilated for singing your wild, free tune.

I see you and your wild free energy, burning a blaze of golden fire, dancing, swirling, becoming stronger, larger, louder and it is time to choose.  Do I reach my hand to you or forever turn away?  You are my wild voice, the song of my soul, the expression of my ancestral tribal nature.

Dare I dance with you?  Dare I fall into your burning flames and reveal my naked soul to the world?

What will happen to my life?

You shall rejoice you say.

What will happen to my song?

It will float in the wind and you will be set free.

And suddenly I notice, I am no longer looking at you, watching you, calling to you…I am seeing through your eyes.  It is raw, vulnerable… defenceless.   And yet it is powerful.  It is a trusting of the Gods, a trusting of my instinctual self, for my eyes only pierce the world with Truth.  It is a becoming like no other for it is a shedding rather than a gathering or a doing.  It is a revelation of what was already there.

I’m no longer afraid of the consequences, of getting in trouble or being misunderstood.  I simply no longer care, for you are my voice and having separated you has been the ultimate price all along.  I died more each moment I kept you silent.

I speak, I share and I reveal my tribal and wild nature for this is me.  Take me as I am.

I am wild, free, and alive like a white Sterling trotting into the wild nature, hair flowing in the wind with each wild gallop.wild

I am home.

The song shall be sung.

I hope you can forgive me.



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Flaming Woman Picture Source : https://www.pinterest.com/bluejay72001/fire-ice-water-goddess/

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  1. I’m very familiar with the silencing I’ve done with my own voice. I have been doing my own reweaving as well. I love this idea of bringing the back by acknowledging our part in the cycle. Blessing on reclaiming your voice and her power.

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