February Full Moon Rituals.

feb moon3Hi All.  Sorry this is so late.  I’ve been down and out with the flu and chest cold. What a bugger hey?!  Ah well, it kinda fits with the moon.   The full moon is in the sign of Leo this month and the theme is cleanse, release, prepare.  This full moon falls just after Imbolc or Ground Hog day….meaning the middle point between winter and spring and the emergence of more light. And in the light of light (lol), I had the urge to purge out the old, dark, heavy energy.  I cleaned out drawers and my closets and I even untangled five necklaces that have been knotted together for about two years.  I literally sat on my bed for over and hour and calmly and patiently untangled them one by one.  This is not my norm!!  Not by any means.  I usually attempt with vicious tugs for a whole minute or two and toss it aside out of frustration.  That’s why for two years it sat in box in my bedroom dresser.  But today, I sat on my bed and gently untangled it as thought it were a meditation.  I imagine untangling my stuckness over the past two years towards fulfilling my purpose and one by one the knot dissipated into nothingness.  I was very zen throughout this practice and focused.  Is this a new trait?  I hope so 😉

This full moon is shining light on the path ahead and the year to come.  We are getting very clear on what we want and where we are planning to trek.  However, before we really begin the journey outward, we must prepare by cleaning out the old and releasing what no longer serves us or what is no longer fulfilling us.  It’s like we are preparing for a birth, nesting, getting our homes and bodies ready for a new life…perhaps a new way of life.  I feel the urge to prepare for the spring, almost a pre-spring cleaning.  I want to put away all my snowmen decorations now and gently invite in the place between winter and spring.  I can’t wait to pull out my bright pink pillows and fill my place with colorful flowers but it’s not quite time.  I must clear out the winter stuff first, prepare the space and wait til it’s time.

I’m definitely clearing and cleaning, in my home, in my body, even in the junk drawer.  Remember we are still in a mercury retrograde so it’s what we are gonna do…get that old stuff out of there.   We are setting our sights on the new beginnings that are just ahead. We are not yet beginning it, but we are preparing to begin, mapping the route and tossing out things we don’t need to carry in our backpacks on our journey there.  Preparation is key.  it’s joyful and exciting.  Make things beautiful, fresh, clean, as though it were a sacred ceremony.  It reminds me of the time preparing a sweat lodge before the big ceremony….we are making and creating prayers through our actions and starting to call out to the energy of our new journey ahead.  We are not yet calling it to come but we are singing to it, waking it up and letting it know that we are focused, preparing and will be ready when it arrives.

So here are a couple Full Moon rituals to with our cleansing, clearing and preparation of the new births/beginnings to come..

1) Clean out drawers and closets of old things.  That’s right, donate those close you don’t wearfeb moon or no longer need.

2)  If you use stones or crystals, place them in a bowl with Epsom salts and let them be cleansed by Grandmother Moon’s shining beams of light.

3) Go around each corner of your home and anoint the wall with sage or tea tree oil.  Say a prayer to release the old energy, the stuck, the stagnant and the complete.  Invite in new, fresh, beginnings.

4) Use a drum, rattle or bell or even play some music in each room and break up the energy.  Swirl it, break it up and send it on it’s way into the ethers of Mother Earth so she can transform it and re-use it herself.

5)  If you have an altar clean it out, wash the linens, cleans the stones, wipe the top of it. Rearrange it and play with  the energies.  I moved things around, feels good!!!! And of course got rid of some things too.

Happy, healthy full moooooooooonnnnnnn!!! 🙂

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Crystal  xo

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  1. The untangling of a necklace feels very symbolic to me! That is so nice!

    I think I am going to choose playing in each room!

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