Feed Your Soul & Celebrate the Unsung Heroic Women in Our Lives



I’m inspired to share with you the weekly Feed Your Soul creative activity.  I’ve attached the link below with the full article that inspired this activity.  Basically this Divine woman by the name of Angela Yarber creates sacred art and paints everyday women, (unsung heroes she calls them) into Holy Women Icon paintings.  Isn’t that beautiful!!!!  We need to celebrate the women in our lives who nurture us, make our lives more beautiful with decorating or expressing their creativity in the kitchen or in our homes, the women who teach us how to love and create, or the women who fight for us in the courtrooms or tend to our wounds in our medical facilities.  Whatever it is, lets celebrate the beauty of Feminine in our lives.

My mom is really on my mind with this creative expression.  I’m not sure she can see her beauty.  She is the most thoughtful and kind woman I know.  She has such an innocence and purity about her that is un-canning.  Rare these days.  She is childlike, curious, innocent, shy….I plan to paint a goddess for her that to me represents her Essence, it will be called the Goddess of Innocence & Giving Love.  I will write words or aspects of her loving soul I appreciate and experience on the painting.  I may simply collage images and write a story in the back of it as well.

For me this process and these creations resonate in so may ways.  I had the honor of getting my spirit name through some ceremonies with Elders in my community.  However, many people don’t have this opportunity.  Yet, many of us can see the gifts and soul beauty of those around us that often we need not a ceremony to tell us the gifts of our soul, our loved one’s can!

So, why not paint our loved ones in a goddess image or as Angela Yarber does in the format of Holy Woman Icon and gift them with the reflection of their own soul beauty.  So often, the nurturing, loving, creative women in our lives are left unsung, unrecognized or un-celebrated.  Let’s change that story already!!!!  Let’s honor and celebrate such beautiful feminine gifts in our lives.  Let’s celebrate the women and men for who they are at their cores.

You can collage images and write a poem or short story expressing their gifts and soul beauty.   I’m obsessed with painting goddesses lately so for me this will translate into goddess forms. And yet as I write this I’m inspired to make warrior images for my husband and son.  These can make great holiday or birthday gifts!!  Some women do this as gifts for their daughters at their first moon time, or for their mothers at retirement or just to celebrate unique, amazing women that support us in many different ways.

As you do this, remember that everyone we paint is also a reflection of ourselves and our own beauty.  I too challenge you to do this project for your own soul.  You must also create one for yourself 😉   List five things you love and appreciate about yourself and why……now explore how those wonderful things can become your Goddess reflection or Sacred Woman Icon. Ask your loved one’s what words they’d use to describe you.  Which ones resonate the most or comes up the most?  Indulge yourself and celebrate your unsung soul beauty!!  Please share on the Facebook Page. 

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