A 5 Minute Emotional Bootcamp that Feeds Your Soul

The Upside of Anger


There’s a part of me that feels angry. I’ve tried to squelch it away, positive affirmation myself out of it and pretend I’m totally zen. Then I remembered, duh… it’s okay to have feelings.  I actually believe feelings are messengers from the Divine, guiding us and informing us of a direction we should take or true point of view in an experience we may be going through. Our feelings direct us to our truth, they sink us into our bodies and give us information about our souls, if we allow it. Many of us ignore them or try and change them before truly honoring their presence with purpose.  We think our way out of feeling.  Newsflash! Feelings have a purpose.  They are guideposts, and directional compasses on the soul path.  Can you honor them as messengers as simply just sit with them?

We need not go into an anger rampage and chew someone’s head off but simply be with our feelings, even just for five minutes, and let the raw, primal, instinctual, emotional part of us vent and get out the message that is within.  A lot of times I don’t even know why I feel an irritation but after free flowing with the emotion, I’m led to clarity and understanding.   I feel refreshed, better able to decide or tackle the problem at hand.  And in doing so, I know I have honored and released the Divine Guidance within.  I’ve also honored my soul by feeling what is stirring on my insides.

5 MINUTE EMOTIONAL BOOTCAMP.   Set your timers for five minutes and just free flow with your pen. Don’t lift your pen off the page and just release, get the ugly, dark feelings and thoughts out and it’s gone…out there and out of your body.  If you need to curse like a sailor or throw a pity party on the page, then DO IT!!

Here’s a couple starters if you need, “I feel …………because……..”  Write about the circumstance, how you feel, what upset you or hurt you….

“I’m angry, sad, glad, mad at……….”  Write a letter to someone saying how they upset or hurt you.

Notice how do you feel?  Do you need another five minutes of releasing??  If not, just move on forward, onward, a little lighter, a little clearer and all cause you tended to your emotional self.  YAY!!  (Imagine if your whole life people celebrated you for tending to your emotions, wouldn’t we feel differently about ourselves and our emotions!!)

I got much clearer about a next step I should take after releasing some of the anger on the page.

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3 Comments on “A 5 Minute Emotional Bootcamp that Feeds Your Soul

  1. I just had this realization once again this week. It is working with the energy of fire, that both cleanses and brings illuomation

  2. I had just this realization again …Anger is the fire element, fire energy that cleanses and illuminates

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