How to Stop Food Cravings Instantly with an Ancient Feminine Based Spiritual Practice.

Whsacred feminineat if I told you that practising an ancient feminine based spiritual ritual could instantly release you from your cravings, whether it be food, wine, drugs or shopping?   What if I told you that practising this self-connection practise automatically causes the cravings to disappear?

What is a craving really?  It is a plea from your deepest Self asking you to plug in and connect.  It is a biological response to a spiritual need.  We are looking for connection – connection to self and  connection to the Divine.  In our primal and instinctual wisdom our bodies turn that need into a metaphorical signal and thus food craving, alcohol craving or desperate need for a new sweater is born.  Sure eating that double serving of chocolate cake can soothe the mind with a flood of dopamine and temporarily soothe the deep inner desire.  But watch out because it will come back, full force, strong, and desperate to be filled.  It shows up with as a spoiled little child with a “Give me, give me, give me” attitude.  It is like a ravenous beast needing instant gratification to calm those nerves and senses.  It feels like shear panic that needs immediate attention and those donuts seem like the perfect answer.  Or do they?

Here’s the real deal.  When we disconnect and unplug from our own bodies we are actually unplugging from the deepest part of us.  The soul is held within the body, our bodies are our souls in form.  And she (our soul) can get real creative when she has a need and we are ignoring the first forty nine signals she offers us.   Maybe she started with some anxiety, or just a real restlessness, but we did not pick up the phone and get the message.  Instead, we looked to disconnect and shut off those signals and finally she had to up the ante and boom a craving for sugar or carbs is born.  She knows we will hear that!  It is a literal messenger from the soul asking us for soul food.  It is a craving for the Divine, for the spiritual food of connection, creativity and/or stillness. soul food

So next time you crave not just a piece of cake but half of it, take note, it is the soul calling you home.  Listen…sit…be…and connect.   Some of you will be weight pre-occupied and constantly on a diet or on a strict food regime.  May you have not been diagnosed with an eating disorder but you fringe on the border, what we in the professional world would consider disordered eating.  That means how you feel about yourself in a day depends on the amount of calories you’ve consumed or the amount you did or did not exercise for the day.  So if it’s a “good day” you feel ok, if you did not squeeze in that workout, you beat yourself up with the ugly stick over and over until you have made yourself sure you are unworthy and ugly as pie.   We all occasionally have thoughts of “I’m fat”, “I’m ugly” etc. etc… but these are signs you’ve missed the boat.

Even though I am healed from eating disorder behaviours I occasionally have fat days.  However, I respond to them differently now and have un-coded the ridiculous thought to mean that my soul needs connection and soul food.   It is a signal to me that I’ve unplugged from my insides and I need to really re-focus on my own self-connection and spiritual practise.

So hereself connection it, the magic answer on how to stop your cravings instantly is to sit in stillness and silence for at least twenty minutes.  Just sit there, regularly and listen to your body.  Listen to your soul.  Imagine her to be a wild, tribal, primal woman desperately needing to talk to you.  What would she say?  What does she need or want from you?  Journal, doodle or just sit with the discomfort.   It won’t be easy to start but it gets easier.

When I do this within my groups with women who have eating disorders they hate it in the beginning but within a few weeks they love it.  They tell me they cannot wait for the twenty minutes of silence that is scheduled for them in the beginning of our groups.  And I tell you they express to me over and over how much their use of an eating disorder behaviour decreases significantly with no effort.  I am not surprised because I know from my own healing.  When you hit the root issue with a root level response the symptom to the true issue disappears.  They are meeting their deep need on the level it is occurring-on the spiritual level.

So I hope you adopt a self-connection practise. Stillness is a long lost teaching of the Sacred Feminine that has been over-ridden with our fast paced, over scheduled, busy lives.  If you plug into your body, you will automatically plug into your soul and your emotions.  And I guarantee you the craving and metaphorical expression of your soul calling for you will disappear.  There will be no need for cravings because she feels fulfilled and honored by your presence and attention.

So I invite to share in my Self-Connection Sunday’s practise where I sit along with my family for twenty minutes on cute little stools and we just sit and practise the Sacred Art of Being.  My son only lasts about four to five minutes but that’s perfect for him as a four year old.  So I honor you and your ability to just Be!  Meet your soul where she calls for you, in stillness, in presence and honor her requests for soul food.

Aho!  And so it is.

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  1. Yes I have practiced this since the late 80’s – and I’ve shared it and taught this to women who have a tendency to overeat. Or reach for the junk food. Ive also posted the same and similar words on other peoples pages so its been circulating for awhile now. . However, I only use 10 minutes as the guideline to go within and see what is motivating you to reach for that crispy cream or chocolate pie. You can usually identify what is underneath the craving in that amount of time and sometimes you are just craving chocolate (a cigar is sometimes a cigar) (you see I’ve gone through this myself, gained weight through stressful emotional times and was able to re apply the method to keep myself in balance) This works my friends give yourself the time to know what you want and whats motivating you

    • Thanks for sharing :). Yes in my own healing from an ED it was self connection that caused the desire to is an ED behaviour disappear. Soul nourishment is what I needed all along ;). Thanks for sharing again. Many blessings. Thanks for sharing your wisdom

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