Blood moon

This is an intense full moon.  I’ve been buzzing for days.  I awoke in the middle of the night and seen the light of an almost full moon shining down through my bedroom windows and into my eyes.  My body was vibrating with energy as I imagined the moon beams soaking thru my body and into my bones.

This month the full moon is in the sign of Aries, the beginning of the zodiac and a fire sign.  Fire, fire, fire!  Change, change, change!  That’s the name of the game.  It feels like it could all change suddenly, like a new road is opening up, one that we have not seen before and it alters our direction, possibly immediately if we allow it.  It’s as though we’ve been walking along a trail and suddenly we spot a large boulder.  Intrigued, we move towards it and notice there’s another path hidden behind it.   Without any thought, we just follow it and as we walk we are suddenly aware we are going in a brand new direction.  Don’t you just love it when that happens?  If not, can you start? 😉

It’s a quick change of step that moves us out of the old and onto the new.

Eclipses are well known for bringing about endings and new beginnings.  So in light of this full moon and eclipse I thought we’d honor both the old trail for its’ gifts and lessons and welcome in the new road we have stumbled upon.  The new path feels like a coming home, a victory walk of spirit.  It can be glorious if we simply embrace and follow the strong flames of transformation, new direction and new beginnings.


What you’ll need – dark colored tissue paper, light colored tissue paper, scissors, string or twine, tobacco or cornmeal or Epson Salts

Let’s begin…bundles

As always have a moon altar set up with whatever you wish…stones, candles, incents, fairy statues, crystals. What ever you feel, you place on the altar.  Intent is key here and the intent is to honor the full October Blood Moon.  Play some music that inspires the mood.  Take out your drums and rattles if you wish and open the ritual with drumming and dancing.

So make a fire or light some candles. Sit in contemplation and watch the flame.  What comes to you?  What do you feel?  What images come to your mind? Just flow it…

What are you releasing and letting go of this full moon?    What are you welcoming in, what’s new and on its way?

Gather your tissue paper. Using the darker colored paper, cut a few sheets into a large square, about 4 inches on each side. This is our letting go bundle, our death bundle, a release of the old and of what no longer serves you.  Place some tobacco, corn meal or Epson salts into the tissue paper and visualize releasing whatever it is you want to release.   Gather all four corners and tie with a string.  Release the bundle to the fire and state, I release you _____________.  And so it is.

Now using light colored or bright tissue paper, do the same for your new beginnings or life bundle. Place tobacco, cornmeal or Epsom salts in the bundles signifying your intent for the new life, new beginnings and new path you are welcoming into your life.  Visualize it and see it in your minds eye.  And so it is.

Place the bundles on your altar or hang on a plant inside your home.  You can also hang on a tree outside but use cloth for bundles in this case.  Allow it to remind you of the new trail you have embarked.  Close the ceremony by blowing out your candles and close the energy circle.  Enjoy friends.

Sweet October Moon.

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