tribal woman

Take a walk about…anywhere.

“As you walk, begin to imagine your original tribal, primal and instinctual nature.  Remember the times when as humans we roamed the Earth.  You are dressed in a green grass skirt, wearing two shells covering your bosom.  Your wrists and ankles are wrapped with green vines, shells and bells.  Your hair is long and flowing and sways with your hips as you walk.  Your body is covered with symbols of sacred spirals and circles colored with white and red paint.  Your face is marked with red paint symbolizing your connection to the Women’s Tribe.  Notice any other unique markings or jewelry you are wearing as you continue to walk.  Feel it on your body.

As you walk, your footsteps become like drum beats against the Earth.  With each beat you can also hear the rhythm of the bells jingling on your ankles and wrists.  With each jingle you transform more and more into the your ancient, timeless, tribal form.  Feel the aliveness that comes with the remembering of your raw, pure and unique nature.  Walk as your full Tribal, Primal Self…wild…. fierce….. free…. alive!   Soak it in, become that fierceness, that wild, that free and just walk as your Soul.  Feel your strength and power bursting from within you and let it flow out.  Your vision becomes clear and focused.   Feel the sensations of aligning your mind, body and soul into one as you become your Sacred Feminine Soul out in the world.  Keep walking and enjoy the sensation….

Feel the union of your ancient, tribal soul with your present day reality as ancient and modern unite into one.  As you walk in your modern day world as your ancient, tribal, instinctual Self, what do you notice?  What does it feel like?  Take it in, feel your energy rising like a fire blazing and enjoy the remembering of your important purpose in this lifetime.”

As I walked as my Tribal Self, I felt like I were experiencing my very purpose on the planet, learning to walk being my Divine, Feminine, Tribal Soul in this modern, advanced world.  It was poetic, beautiful, perplexing and yet simple.   It was as though as were glimpsing my life from the point of view of Spirit.  It was actually quite amusing, funny really.  I try so darn hard and cause life to be a bit too complicated rather than just let be and walk as my soul.  I laughed as I walked as my tribal soul past the farmers harvesting their fields.   Rather than feel like I didn’t belong, I felt Sacred and unique.

Enjoy !!

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