A “Magic Dust” New Moon Ritual for the Whole Family

magic dustTo Begin….

  • Take a walk outside in nature and get the kids to choose a large stick for the New Moon Ritual.
  • Return to your chosen spot for your New Moon celebration. In Manitoba we are breaking records for the warmth so we are doing this one outside.   If you choose, lay a small moon altar including candles, sage or incents, Epson salts, crystals, stones…whatever feels right for you, you use it !! I’ve been using a cool plate I picked up at the Sally Ann and placing my offerings to the moon in it.  My son loves doing this with me, picking out special moon things to put on the altar.  It’s usually stones or his toys and its awesome because it’s from his Divine, Innocent, Pure Soul.
  • Get some fun ritual music, this month I’m suggesting Janjara by James Asher (one of my favorites). Play it loud and play it proud!  Get out your drums, rattles, and bells and let yourself and the kids go to town dancing under the New Moon Sky.    May your dance be your prayer.
  • Have a bowl of Epson Salts and lets the kids grab handfuls. Throw the “Magic Dust” into the air saying our wishes for the New Moon.   This can be done with the dancing too.
  • Gather the stick and colored ribbons to create a family prayer stick. Get everyone to choose a color or ribbon and wrap it around the stick marking our wishes for this New Moon cycle.  Place the stick in the ground together in a special spot in your yard and say a simple prayer of gratitude.

Thank you Great God and Goddess for this joyous night, the seasons of change, the blessings of our family and for all the Magic we experience.  We are grateful and blessed Aho!


  • Enjoy some hot chocolate, juice and cookies enjoying the sweet autumn night.

Materials needed:Ribbon, Sticks, Epson Salts, Bowl, Candles,moon image 4

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