September Full Moon Ritual for the Whole Family

september full moon


  • This full moon is September, a Pisces full-moon, the Harvest Moon.  I love the crisp autumn air and the beautiful colors of the golden, orange, red and still green leaves illuminating the trees as we are not quite at the crux of change but somewhere between the old season and the new.  It’s beautiful.  So this ritual will be outside at my outside fire pit.  I have done this with a metal garbage can and burning salts as well, so if you don’t have a fire pit there is still a way!  So #1, find your spot for the ceremony.  Get the fam excited. 


  • Get your kiddies to help put for stones as markers for north, south, east and west to form a sacred circle as part of the ceremony. I start in the south and make my way clockwise.


  • Make a little altar to honor the particular moon. This month we are celebrating the Harvest Moon.  It need not be elaborate but get the kiddies to get squash from the pantry, maybe some corn and/or some dollar store wheat husks and set it up on a table or on a blanket outside by the ceremony location.  Our goal is simply to represent the fall harvest so whatever floats your boat.  Light candles and burn incents too if that speaks to you.  I have some cedar/sage incents that I love.  Gather stones and crystals you like as well and place them on the blanket or table if you wish. Kids like to gather stones so get them to pick stones for moon ceremonies, help them find special rocks for the moon, Great Spirit, the universe and ourselves.


  • Gather round the fire and start the ceremony by saying “ We are gathered here today as a family to celebrate this Full Moon.  We celebrate and honor you, your tides and the magic you bring to our lives.. Thank-you Creator, Mother Earth, Father Sky and all beings who love us, for all the wonderful fall harvest, our foods, our blessings and all of the abundance and gifts we already have in our lives.  We say a special prayer for all those who contribute to the bountiful harvest we enjoy.  Aho!


  • Play a song, this month I’m suggesting He’s a Pirate by Chriss Joss Ships Ahoy and dance it out at this full moon. Dance out all that needs to be released, let go of and surrendered.  Whatever stands in the way of your intentions set at the new moon, dance it out.  Shake your hands, your body, your feet, every inch of you and just release.  Let your Sacred Body take over and allow your Primal Tribal Self to pray and release through dance. Invite your kids and family members to do the same.  Tell them to dance out whatever is making them stressed, sad, mad or worried.  Shake it off, stomp it out, howl, scream and release.  Feel free to dance with your drums or rattles and move it out of ya.  This is our Tribal Primal way of prayer.  No more fear, no more doubt, all is good.  He’s a Pirate by Chriss Joss YouTube LInk.  


  • After the song and dance is over, go around the circle and say one thing we have released tonight and two things we are each grateful for.


  • To close the ceremony get some bells, rattles or shakers and all at once howl to the moon and make some noise with the noise maker of your choice. Thank-you Harvest Full Moon!!!


  • Sit around the fire and share in each others’ loving company. Enjoy some luscious foods of celebration, a nice harvest bread, cookies or muffins and some hot cider or cocoa.

What you will need:  a blanket or small table, squash, corn and/or wheat, candles, incents, a fire pit or bowl,  music player, candles, bells or rattles, and family.  Have some hot cocoa and harvest bread, muffins or cookies on hand.

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