How to Ride the Wave of Full Moon Intensity


How do you ride the wave of Full Moon intensity you ask?


I’ve compiled two wonderous songs to help our wild, primal, colorful, rainbow souls release the intense emotional energy of this Pisces Full Moon/Supermoon.  For me it’s about clearing out the old relationship patterns once and for all.  I thought I was done and I let my guard down only to learn why I placed it there to begin with.  No more codependency, no more softening, just fierce, clear intent with my needs and vision.  No more Martyr/Victim syndrome here.  I’m fierce, fiery and ready to duel if need be.  I’ve got my warrior stance, my warrior shield and sword and I’m ready to stand my ground.

Pisces Full Moon Dance It Out Playlist (Click on Slideshow button up top, then hit play from beginning button on left hand corner )

Dance It Out Song List 

1) Gabrielle Roth (Tsunami-Chaos)  – This song is for feeling the chaotic energy, the swirls of intensity and then releasing, shaking and allowing the swaying to occur in the body.  It’s a choatic rhythmic movement of energy then release.

2)Medwyn Goodall (Firewalker)- This song is for refocusing, regrounding, calling in our energy a bit to harness and focus it.  The movements are a bit more rigid and linear, less sway more tone.

Our tribal ancestors danced in prayer, ritual and celebration.  Let us reconnect to this ancient way of being, of reconnecting our mind, body and soul and dance out our emotions, our prayers and our intense energy on this Full Moon.  Aho!!!

What Ya Do…

All ya do is close your eyes and let your body move the way it wants to.  Allow the music to move your body like strings on a puppet, just follow your body’s lead.  Be crazy, uninhibited, wild, free and release, just allow, it’s not performance it’s primal prayer, primal movement from the Soul.  Just release and dance, allow what wants to come to come.  I takes some practice just to allow oneself to be this free but it’s so fun and amazingly rewarding for mind, body and soul!!!  It’s inspired by my JourneyDance training.

 Happy Full Moon sistas!



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