Creating an Altar for Prayer, Ritual and Intentions

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In my home I have several altars.  I used to struggle with the word altar because it felt religious to me but now it’s cool.  It’s simply a place of prayer, of vision and of intention.  As we approach the full moon and the fall equinox, it is something I thought I’d share thinking you may also like to create an altar for your sweet soul.

Here’s the deal, there are no rules!! I have been taught a specific way to set up an altar but I feel I move everything around over and over based on what feels right and what it symbolizes for me and my intentions.  I believe as long as your intentions are pure and loving, it’s all good.  At the end of the day It’s a place to sit at and mediate, pray, reflect, journal, contemplate, envision and plug into Spirit so it need no specific “how to”.  It just ought to be a place with objects and things that inspire you to connect to Nature, the Universe, Yourself, a Higher Power, or the Stillness – whatever term or aspect resonates with you.  It’s a place to plug into Hope, Magic and Inspiration.


Currently I have my altar (shown above) in my sunroom that has a gazillion windows so I love how the moon shines on the table in the evenings.  It holds symbols, statues, rocks, crystals, a plant that holds my placenta from my son’s birth, a writing bowl, and an offering plate that I found at Salvation Army because it made me smile.  I use it to lay tobacco or corn meal as an offering to my Spirit Guides, the Moon, the Universe and the Great Spirit.  I especially love this space during the full moon as the moon beams shine through my crystals and onto my rocks cleansing them and illuminating their energies and sweet gifts of reflection.  I light candles and set my monthly moon intentions with the new moon and usually try and create something by or for the Full Moon.  I will post some Full Moon ritual ideas in the next few days for the upcoming full moon.  As you can see in image, I’m already in creation mode by beginning a collage and collecting images.

So here’s what you can do to create an Altar in your home.

1) Find a location that can me for you or for the whole family to connect.

2) Find a small table of some sort and place it in the spot. Perhaps you’ll have to visit a second hand store and have even more fun refurbishing or painting your new altar table.  It is meant to spread joy and creativity so stretch out the fun!!!  (This step can even be for your full moon ritual this month)

3) Find stones, crystals, plants, pictures, statues, candles, inscents, prayer books, poems, or anything of the sort to decorate your table to reflect something profound and Sacred for you.  It’s a place for your soul, allow the objects to reflect that beauty!!  I also like to include an offering plate to the spirits and universe or moon to honor the sacred energies around.

4) Sit, reflect, connect, inspire, pray, envision, release, celebrate and remember your Sacredness and your importance in the world.  

With warmth and blessings,




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