Just Say YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I read recently about an art teacher who was inspired by the works of Joseph Campbell and the idea to “Follow Your Bliss”. He quit his full time corporate job and is now a full time artist who paints and teaches painting classes.  Those around him say he radiates and oozes joy.  He says, he just follows his own bliss.  He says if you are asking the question, the answer is always, “Yes!”.

I’ve been contemplating an invite to attend a Women’s Healing Retreat with some wonderful Elders in Ontario.  Right away my soul said, “Yes!!!” but my human mind is trying throw me the reasons why I should not.  My mommy self feels guilt for tending to me first (crazy I know but it’s true) and then I look at my finances and feel guilty again.  Every reason why I should not swirls in my brain.  At the same time my soul is rattling my insides making sure I know my deepest Self wants to go!!

What if I just said…YES! What if I followed my Bliss…..I will keep you posted and let you know 🙂  I am going to go and allow the physical world stuff (responsibilities) to work out.  It always does when you follow your soul.  That I know for sure.

Have you ever just followed your Bliss?  Was it easy peasy or a challenge?  What was the result?  Please share!!


With warmth


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