Lighting the Creative Fires with Sacred Art.

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So, lately I’ve been feeling stuck in a rut.   One might even say I’m bored.  I feel a bit dead on the inside as I have let my needs fall to the wayside while I caregive for everyone else.  My bad.  But, I can change that.

It’s time to get my creative juices flowing again.  Part of feeling fulfilled for me is being creative.  I have not been that creative lately, mostly because I have not planned my time and space to do so.  It takes a bit of planning, focus and mostly inspiration.  When life gets busy, sometimes these are the things that get put on the back burner but I say – NAY!  We shall not put aside our creative, soul connecting, life enhancing, energy producing time especially when we need it most.  Who’s with me here?

I know creativity gives my energy a boost, it gives my insides a spark.  I feel good, connected to myself and something larger as a whole.  Creativity is a spiritual practise. It allows space for stillness, expression and emotional exploration.   CREATIVITY FEEDS THE SOUL. When our soul is fed, the need and urge to use an eating disorder or any other compulsive coping strategy disappears from our life.  It’s really that simple.  When we connect to our souls in the space of stillness and play with the colorful energies around us, we feel at peace.

On the other hand, when I am not being creative or connecting to my insides, I get grouchy, I crave more sugary, starchy foods, I’m short with people, and I’m generally just anxious and restless. When I feel that way, I know it’s time to self connect.  It’s time to get creative.


What is Sacred Art you ask?  It is art (in any shape or form, paint, writing, movement, etc.) that helps connect you to the Sacred within and without.  It is an expression of your Soul, and of your emotions.  It reflects inspiration, Truth, and your voice.   In my shamanic training, it was a huge part of our learning and processing.  We made many pieces from Grief Dolls to Prayer Sticks.  It’s a tool to connect to your insides and express the energies and emotions that are waiting for release.  When we release these energies and emotions naturally and in a Sacred manner, we need not use an eating disorder behaviour to keep them inside and at bay.  Healing is a process of releasing the soul from the inner cage.  It is allowing freedom to express the truth of what is inside, “no ifs, ands or buts.”  It’s raw.  It’s real.  It’s you.  It’s meant to be moved and expressed.  So free your voice, sing your soul and create Sacred Art.


So, here’s the plan….for the next 30 days I will take an inspiring photo of the day and just let my voice flow free with words that come with the photo.   Perhaps it’s a photo that sums up your day or how you feel or it’s simply something that inspires you or moves you.  Don’t think, just do.  Just let it flow and be what it is.  There is no right or wrong way.  If you’re getting hung up on how to do it right, focus on doing it wrong 😉

It’s expression and creativity that counts, it’s connecting to the world around you and allowing it to reflect your soul, emotions and insides.  The universe is your mirror.

I will be posting with on FaceBook and Instagram.  Feel free to follow along and share.  In fact, I’d love it you did share with me.

Let’s light our inner fires 🙂


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