Teachings of the Sacred Feminine for Recovery.

Teachings of the Sacred Feminine for Recovery.

This is a space to share, indulge and ignite your Inner Feminine. The place that your tiny roar becomes a loud howl! We are born wild but live dormant and tame lives. You are meant to stir your cauldron, spark up the magic stick and live your life wearing your sparkly, bright, red, shiny shoes.  So come on, join me in remembering our naturally, wild, alive, joyous ways of the Sacred Feminine.

This is a place to help women heal, to remember their aliveness and to recover their lost Sacred Feminine with Divine Feminine teachings and tools to feed you emotional and spiritual nourishment.  As you remember your Feminine you begin to come alive, you awaken to your wild and you learn how to step foot in your luscious body, full friggen’ foot in the Sacred territory of You!

If you struggle with disordered eating, addiction, life transitions, divorce, betrayal, anxiety, depression, there is a good chance the Sacred Feminine is howling in you.  She wishes for your adornment and release…will you extend your hand and happygrab your alive, wild, feminine, colorful soul?

RECOVERY COACHING with Crystal will help you explore your current struggles and challenges as opportunities… as portals to bring you back to your primal, alive, wild Divine Feminine Self.  She’s likely calling you home!  You are meant to live with your two feet planted in the Sacred Territory of your Divine Body. Life is really about a uniting of our mind and body, heart and soul.  Addiction, eating disorders, depression, anxiety and the like are symbolic to your wild feminine, alive soul being disconnected, tamed and absent from your everyday life.  We are here learn to love ourselves and every other aspect of our lives is a reflection of this Sacred relationship.

Learn how to live your life alive, sprinkled with sparkle, inhaling the magic dust in the air.  You will learn how to live with the Sacred Feminine in your everyday life and discover how radiant, exciting, magical life really can be.  Stretch your wild soul muscles and come out and live in your life!   Learn self-connection strategies and activities, ceremonies and rituals and ways to invoke magic into the mundane and see those addiction, eating disorder, weight pre-occupation, depression and anxiety struggles disappear.

And so it is wild girl! 🙂

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